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About Me


I have qualification of the electrical engineer since 1976.

You can find a copy of my diploma with honor from Institute of Electrical Engineering аin a file "My education.doc" on my site.




My knowledge.


Know English technical and colloquial.



а Verilog, VHDL, AHDL, C ++, Forth, MCS51-asm, AVR-C, bases HTML.


Program tools and technologies:

а ISE7.1 (Xilinx) ModelSim, MaxPlus (Altera), Quartus (Altera), NIOS (Altera), Libero(Actel), FPGA-Advantage, LeonardoSpectrum, Synplify Pro, Borland C ++ Builder, IAR and AVR, OrCAD, ViewDraw, Ethernet MAC-10/100, TCP/IP, calculations for Switched Mode Power Supply (DC/DC-converter).


Hardware Devices and Equipment:

аAltera, Xilinx, Actel, DSP (ADI) - ADSP2181-89, SHARC; Digital telephony Siemens, AVR, Ethernet 10/100 transceivers, Analog measuring circuits.


My Projects in FPGA.

Liked technology Ц technology of embedded in FPGA logic analyzers. See article ╣1.

The shell-program for host-computer for embedded in FPGA the logic analyzer was written by me on Borland CBuilder.а

And, besides some more projects:

1. CPU_core - 16 bit RISC CPU - built - in FPGA two-stack RISC the processor with a special instructions set + the assembler - shaper of a dump of command-memoryа + a software simulator.

2. CPU_core - 1 bit RISC CPU - built - in FPGA the specialized processor focused on processing of bit variables + the assembler - shaper of a dump of command-memoryа + a software simulator.

3. Embedded Ethernet-MAC 10/100 controller - host to MII and MII_MI

4. PCI - target

5. HDLS - multichannel controller

6. PCM exchenge 8x8

7. IO and bus controller for AMD 5x86 (as a chipset)

8. Host bus controllers for ADSP2181 - ADSP21065L


10. Timer-PWM

11. SPI - master/slave and so on


My Software Projects.

My Software Projects, in most cases, are parts of hardware progects.

  1. The assemblers - shaper of a dump of command-memoryа + a software simulator for embedded RISC the processors.
  2. УDC-DC CalkФ Ц program for calculating DC-DC converters for power supply.
  3. УLogic analyzer Ф.
  4. A lot of testing and debugging sotfware for my hardware progects.


Some of my Software Projects Ц are software tools, which make job easier and considerably reduce number of mistakes.

  1. УPin ManagerФ Ц program the bridge betweenа ISE7.1 (Xilinx) and ViewDraw. It creates a database for chip pins. And it makes verilog files, UCF-files, and draws pins and buffers in ViewDraw.
  2. УBom ManagerФ Ц program for making BOM from ViewDraw report.


And some of my Software Projects Ц are programs itself, they У live separately from my hardware projectsФ.

  1. УJTAG- ManagerФ Ц program for JTAG-testing PCBs. It checks connectivity in PCB.



Articles on the development items.

First my articles have been published in 1976у.

Here is the list of articles which were published only for 5 last years. These articles are written to free time from the basic job. You can read them on my site or on a site of magazines.


1.                  I.Karshenboim, N.Semenov Microprogrammed automatic devices on the basis of specialized IC. - Chip News, ╣7, 2000.

2.                  I. Karshenboim, K.Palenov the "Embedded" logic analyzer - the tool of the developer of the "Embedded" systems. Circuitry ╣12, 2001.

3.                  Karshenboim I.G. Microprocessor for embedded application - Nios. A configuration of busess and peripheries. Components and Technologies, ╣2, 3, 4, 5 - 2002.

4.                  Karshenboim I.G. Self-made microprocessor. Components and Technologies, ╣6, 72002.

5.                  Karshenboim I.G. Microprocessor for embedded application - Nios. The Instructions set and the Instructions defined by user. Components and Technologies, ╣8 - 2002.

6.                  Karshenboim I.G. Stratix - a new level of system integration from ALTERA. Components and Technologies, ╣8 - 2002.

7.                  Karshenboim I.G., Kostkin M.D. Shortlist for migration from AHDL to VHDL. Components and Technologies, ╣1, 2003.

8.                  Karshenboim I.G. FPGA Chips from ACTEL. Components and Technologies, ╣2, 2003.

9.                  Karshenboim I.G. A Series of reprogrammable FPGA - ProASICPLUS. Part-2. Components and Technologies, ╣3, 2003.

10.               Karshenboim I.G. Controllers of Fast Ethernet for the embedded applications. Components and Technologies, ╣³5,6, 2003.

11.               Karshenboim I.G. Self-made microprocessor - 2. One - bit processor. Components and Technologies, ╣7, 8 2003

12.             Karshenboim I.G. Stack-processors, or New this well forgotten New. Components and Technologies, ╣9, 2003; ╣1, 2, 2004.

13.             Karshenboim I.G. Between ISE and ViewDraw. Components and Technologies, ╣6 2005

14.             Karshenboim I.G. Microcontrollers NEC for automobile electronics. Components and Technologies, ╣7 2005.

15.             Karshenboim I.G. Virtual buttons and light-emitting diodes, or Unknown about well known JTAG-scanning.а Components and Technologies, ╣7 2005

16.             Karshenboim I.G. Two-channels controller Ц commutator for Ethernet KS8842.а Components and Technologies, ╣7 2005.



When I write articles, I necessarily save copyrights of those, who gives me materials for articles. So, for example, for article about Stack-processors, it was necessary to write more than 20 letters with requests for granting the sanction to use of materials. Many firms, having received my search, send me additional materials. But there are also those, who forbids to use their materials.

My articles do not break copyrights of my employer.

For this reason I never had claims from somebody concerning infringement of their copyrights.

Editors from many magazines ask me to write articles for their magazine, but unfortunately there is no time on it.


Job, experience and projects.


My work consists of both schematics for developing printed boards, and Verilog-VHDL for developing FPGA designs.

For schematics I use ORCAD or ViewDraw.

For projects in FPGA I use ISE7.1 (Xilinx) + ModelSim, orа MaxPlus (Altera), Quartus (Altera), Libero(Actel), FPGA-Advantage, LeonardoSpectrum, Synplify Pro.

I use Borland C ++ Builder in my software projects. I do my own software tools for make a job easier and considerably reduce number of mistakes.


From 2005 I work as the technical expert (FAE) in firm "Eltech". I render technical support in application of microcontrollers.


From 2003 - 2005- Firm "Acuid". аЦ I was developed the equipment for the testing electronic memory modules for the PC(simm, dimm). It is like 144 bit width, 330 MHz logic analyzer and analog measuring instrument.

I have done projects in FPGA on designing the embedded microprocessors, I developed to them programming support tools: assemblers + shapers of a dump of command memory + software simulators. Programs for a host - computer for testing the project.

For this project it was done two microprocessors. The first processor had word length of 17-bits and operated with dataflows, and it was made the elementary DSP - processing for calculate the results of measurements from ADC. The second processor had word length of 1-bit and processed logic tasks such as "to allow - to forbid". а

Hardware debug was done for PCB with some DACТs and ADC and the program-controlled power supplys for DUT. And I check PCB not only by development in St-Petersburg, but and at manufacturing at factory QPE in Scotland.

Software tools were done:

УDC-DC CalkФ Ц program for calculating multiphase DC-DC converters for power supply.

УPin ManagerФ Ц program the bridge betweenа ISE6.3 (Xilinx) and ViewDraw. It creates a database for chip pins. And it makes verilog files, UCF-files, and draws pins and buffers in ViewDraw.

УBom ManagerФ Ц program for making BOMs from ViewDraw report.

УPMU toolФ Ц program tool for debug, work and for check the results of measurements of theа PCB.


The unique program of the JTAG-testing is made, allowing to reveal short circuits and breakages in PCB.


2002 - for firm "EFO" was done a jobs on introduction of embedded processor NIOS (ALTERA). Translation of the description of the buses of processor NIOS is placed on a site of Firm "EFO"" Ц

In 1994 - 2003 worked in the field of telecommunications. In LONIIS -а Institute of telecommunications. I did hardware part of systems for monitoring and controlling the telephone network. I was engaged in development and tests of devices for the control of digital telephone lines, among them MAS-8. He has been recognized as the best device of year. I developed projects in FPGA for the Gateway of a IP-telephony. Port Ethernet, a mail box for the managing processor, the arbitrator of trunks, DMA controllers for processors which processed with speech data - codecs and embedded in FPGA the microprocessor who controled dataflows have been done.

аI have experience of development in FPGA the embedded аmicroprocessors and programs of a host - computer for testing the project. I developed Ethernet MAC 10/100 core in FPGA, PCI target and so on. I did DSP-filters for the converter of PCM -interfaces in a radioline. As there were 2 groups of programmers which developed only DSP algorithms, my job was, that I needed to place the necessary filter in FPGA. As then FPGA were expensive enough, the majority of algorithms was realized not on FPGA, but on DSP processors.


1981-1990. I worked in a team who done УBuran-launcheФ. It was a lot of special industrial systems with ebbedded processors. Development, debugging and pre-production operation of the equipment of control systems for start of a spacecraft "Buran - Energy". Development and debugging of the multi-microprocessor built - in systems of Hi-reliability at a factory and at the customer. 4 years last jobs at the customer in Kazakhstan - Baikonur ааbefore 1988, when I was a member of start-team - in the starting command for launche of the ship "Buran - energy". See also There is copy of my pass to Buran-launche. You can find it in my site too.

At that time it was the best cosmodrome in the world. Our control systems makes all cycle of jobs on refuelling a rocket in an automatic mode. The device in which development I participated was the central device in a control system. Therefore at debugging system it was necessary to coordinate job of my colleagues which debugged peripheral devices. And it was necessary to coordinate my job with job of the customer too.

In 1989 I worked as a the Senior Scientific Employee and supervised over group in 10 person.

I amа interrested of leading people. Iа have experience how easy to communicate to other people, also across the organization boundaries.

But unfortunately in 1990 this programm was closed.


1976-1981 Ц I worked in Institute of electric measuring devices, in a laboratory of measuring amplifiers.а I have experience in development and design analog devices. My work was in development and production support of single-channel and multichannel measuring amplifiers and converters. I have some articles on this item, published in a magazine, named лWorks of Institute╗.




As the engineer I have interests in the following areas:

FPGA-design of the embedded microprocessors. Their debugging and testing.

Ethernet technologies, the built - in WEB-servers.

As the technical writer, I want to have an opportunity even sometimes to write articles to free time from the basic job. I respond on letters of readers, and their geography the diversified - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the USA, Israel.


I am an open person, and I enjoy having a large network of contacts. Iа have experience to be a problem-solver, when Iа worked in УBuran-launcheФ team. I am a good communicator and I can work both on my own and in a team.

I also keep myself updated with what is going on within the area by e.g., reading the literature and visiting trade fairs, suppliers and other technological units. I continuously work in self-education, and would be very glad, if fellow workers and the management would promote this. I have my digital library of over 100 CDТs from ADI to Zilog.

I am open-minded and I enjoy working in a dynamic organization. I should enjoy teamwork, I should be analytic and I be prepared to take initiative. I have ability to communicate effectively in English.


For more detail about my hobbies, and all other, you can read on my site


Yours faithfully,

Iosif Karshenboim.

My hobby